About us

The Association for Children Support “The Little Prince” is a non-profit organization.
It was registered under Company Case No. 10170/2003 at the Sofia City Court, Company Department, 2. Panel Sofia, BULSTAT: 131146367,
The Association is entered into the Central Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities Carrying Out Socially Beneficial Activities at the Ministry of Justice under No. 20031013001.


I am Yulia Rodjery, Chairwoman of the Managing board of “The Little Prince” Association. I am an experienced lawyer registered at the Sofia Bar Association. My practical training dates back to 1993 – so far I have represented hundreds of family and non-family applicants from France, Italy and the USA in the course of international adoption cases.
Over the longstanding course of my practice as a lawyer, alongside the team of professionals assembled at the Association, we have managed to assist many families in experiencing the excitement of becoming parents and sensing the children’s sincere love.

It is our firm belief that as long as there are children in need of a glimmer of hope for a better chance in life, there should also be people working hard to bring about that chance. Aside from being a noble deed, adoption also represents a huge level of responsibility towards the future development of a child into a worthy member of society.

The act of adoption is not merely the fulfilment of a striving to lighten up the sad life of these small children. It represents a lengthy, complex and difficult process which requires complete dedication, as well as a highly qualified professional team.

We work for the children of Bulgaria. We listen to their wishes and strive to bring their dreams into fulfillment. Children in institutions share one sole dream – to have a parent, someone who would love them unreservedly, someone to make them feel safe and wanted. And they would gladly give their heart to that someone.